The “Web Standards” association is a community of web developers using such open standards as HTML, CSS, SVG, JavaScript and others. The core of the community was created by active participants of the Webmascon project forum in 2006.

Initially the community was called “WSG Russia” and represented a Russian-speaking wing of Web Standards Group, an organization which promotes of web standards among developers and companies. However later was made a decision to resign the formal membership in WSG and form a new community with a focus on Russian developers.

Today our association includes more than thirty developers, both practitioners and evangelists from Internet companies all over the world. Here are some of them.


Our main purpose is experience and opinion exchange carried out in the form of articles, researches, open discussions and regular meetings.

Web Standards Days

Since 2006 we’re being holding regular open meetings, both independently and as a part of conferences. In the end of 2009 a new name “Web Standards Days” appeared. Our meetings were getting more frequent and were held not only in Moscow but also in St.Petersburg, Minsk, Riga and Kiev.


Anyone can take part in the life of our community. You can suggest your publications to the editorial staff, also you can visit one of our meetings as a listener or a speaker. If you want to help organize a meeting in your city, you can send your ideas at wst@web-standards.ru.

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